OPALSYS IT SOLUTIONS provides SIM based GPS Vehicle Tracking System which is reliable in design, compact and high performance. It is one of the popular and reliable well-known company for tracking solutions. We consistently provide GPS vehicle tracking systems in market which is a superior consolidation of desktop and wireless telecom technologies.

Generally used by fleet operators for fleet management system. Also favored in consumer vehicles as theft prevention. Police can simply follow the tracking device signal and locate the stolen vehicle. Used to trail the location on Real-time basis. Have got the features such as live tracking, records of the movements, Geo fencing, Over Speed alerts etc.

Helpful tools for monitoring fleet of vehicles. A real-time vehicle tracking device enables you to get up-to-the-minute speed and location updates, including SMS or email alerts. If you are awestruck whether your driver has gone off or if you’re teen has been speeding, these devices give you the answers you need. Precise reports tell you exactly where a vehicle has been; headed and how fast it is traveling.

Fleet Management is not an easy job, calling each driver to extract the location is just ruining your time and power. We provides an extensive fleet management solution; this operation reduces costs as you save on fuel and labor expenses through productive routing and dispatching. You stay in control of fleet at all times and get alerts when your vehicle is being squandered. We simplifies the use of Fleet Dashboard and enables you to access overall fleet information on a single application.

Company offers GPS Trackers for the clients. Hardware is tiny and convenient to install. Apart from that GPS hardware comes with user friendly tracking application which enables you to trail, report and also can store all the information of your vehicle including the pace and the mileage information. On the other hand it is simple to install in to vehicles. These GPS vehicles trackers also have Track playback, Can track vehicles on real-time and set track playback at a certain time.

How do OPALSYS IT SOLUTIONS GPS vehicle tracking system work???
The vehicle or the fleets you need to track are installed with a handy GPS vehicle tracking hardware. Real-time information of velocity, distance and position are captured and transmitted to server in real-time. We after receiving the data from server, enable the vehicle tracking information available to you on your own GPS tracking account which is password protected on tracking application.
By employing GPS Tracking devices and application, you will be enabled to get alerts on over speeding, futile stops to monitor undesired driving behavior, customizable fleet reports which leads to cost efficiency.

Some of the features are Geo-fencing (Enables you to set a pre-defined area on map for your vehicle, upon crossing the pre-defined area which you will be alerted via SMS or E-mail, consists back up battery, in case the GPS device has cut-off from main power source it will continue to operate, backlogs retrievable data, even if the vehicle travels beyond the network area.

Some of the benefits of GPS are Know the location of your fleet vehicles, building a customer friendly business, Ease of recovery if the vehicle is stolen, stop to unsanctioned trips, minimized Fuel costs, review the driving of hired drivers with inputs on over speeding, precise reports to optimize the business.

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GPS trackers: Saving lives and arrests made easier

Law enforcement is in place to uphold the law which is meant to keep criminals at bay. When people think of police officers, they should be able to associate them safety. GPS trackers have started to help many law enforcers maintain a level of safety that is expected by the public. There are still some police stations that have not made the commitment to use GPS trackers and this leaves them at risk. For example, it wasn’t too long ago that the news reported a man in Springfield, stole a police cruiser and took it for a joyride. In that incident the police admitted they did not have a GPS tracker device installed and they had left the keys in the ignition.

Had the police not been able to catch the criminal, they would have a very pricey recovery on their hands. It would have taken much less time to reclaim the stolen cruiser with the use of a GPS tracker device. Dispatchers would have been able to view the live tracking map and pinpoint exactly where the missing cruiser was located. GPS trackers are helpful for the dispatchers in other ways, also. With live dispatching, the team has the ability to send officers out quickly to areas of need. It’s as straightforward as opening the tracking map screen and visually locating the closest officer to the call’s location. In the event of a high speed chase, dispatchers can watch everything unfold with 10, 5 or 1 second updates. While the officers are driving, dispatchers can provide turn-by-turn directions or guide officers through paths that may be unfamiliar to them.

On top of making dispatching easier, GPS trackers can increase officer productivity with analytical reporting of driving behaviors and alert functions. Nothing will get by the commanding officers or Chief of police when GPS trackers are installed in each vehicle, because the data is historical; recorded for viewing at any time. This kind of information can help law enforcement agencies with making the necessary changes to improve driver safety.

GPS trackers can help your dispatchers and officers. The bottom line for any law enforcement agency is about protection and the way to do that is by keeping themselves and others as safe as possible. GPS trackers help law enforcement in many ways to make achieving this goal more obtainable.

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The day in the life of a fleet driver is likely to change on a daily basis, that is if you are operating your business without the use of GPS trackers. With no monitoring fleet drivers can have the freedom to take all day to finish a job, making inefficient use of company time. Likewise they could also finish a job early and still log the hours for pay. Even more so, drivers may be tempted to take longer breaks and lunches or use the company vehicle to run personal errands.

Are your employees documenting hours of work when they aren’t really working? Are your drivers costing your business countless hours of productivity? Fleet businesses without GPS trackers may have a pretty tough time proving this type of driver behavior is taking place. With GPS trackers managers wouldn’t even have to entertain the thought of this happening. Historical information on mileage, total driving time and many other aspects of job performance statistics are logged automatically and are available for review at any time. GPS trackers could be your automatic time keeper, recording arrival times and end times at a job-site.

Having an automatic time keeper would certainly allow administration to process payroll quickly and managers have more dedication to other areas of the business. Employees are also afforded additional time to focus on the more important aspects of their job. Not only is it easier for everyone involved, but with the analytic reports, there is proof of what employees are doing with their time. This powerful tool measures fleet productivity while protecting the business’ time and money, which are both precious.

A key significance to having GPS trackers is that the fleet business can reduce lengthy, time wasting procedures, such as logging and manually inputting time sheets. Payroll must be done and GPS trackers makes this action effortless when it would otherwise be tedious.









Many fleet business owners have worried about whether to implement GPS trackers for fear that their staff member would reject the idea. Some employees think that the GPS trackers are a punishment or that managers believe they are up to no good. They often fail to realize how wonderful these little devices can be for the company as a whole. Once employees realize that the GPS trackers monitor much more than driver statistics, things may go more smoothly. The return on investment should be the main focus. Here are five benefits that will make you fall in love with GPS trackers.

1.) Increased Company Income: Managers can monitor employee productivity with GPS tracker alerts, live map views and recorded analytical data. Knowing which driver is closer to a job can get jobs completed quicker and make time for more work to be done in a day. This will increase customer service and lead to customer returns and more new customers!

2.) Decreased Labor Costs: GPS trackers can keep track of clock-in and clock-out times. There is no reason for paper charts any longer. Having this capability will also ensure that employees avoid taking longer breaks than they should. Vehicle monitoring also means no personal vehicle usage. Validating payroll hours would be much quicker and easier.

3.) Cut Fuel Costs: The live GPS tracker map shows traffic conditions. Dispatchers can use this to their advantage and quickly reroute drivers to a quicker, safer path. In this way, GPS trackers can help to improve routing and reduced idle times. With the price of fuel rising again it’s a “no brainer” that this is one of the top expenses for fleets. It would be worthwhile to save money at the pump.

4.) Make Safety First: Analytical data is sent by the GPS trackers which can be generated into reports. Managers can maintain safety and compliance by knowing which drivers are following the safety rules and which ones need coaching. With live data being sent to the company thanks to 3G compatible GPS trackers, it will be easier for managers to make sure that drivers cut down on harsh braking, speeding and aggressive driving. GPS trackers will have you saying hello to increased safety!

5.) Automatic Maintenance Reminders: GPS trackers can be programmed to send automatic alerts via e-mail or text when vehicle maintenance is due. You would never have to wonder when tire rotations, oil changes and vehicle tune-ups were needed. Keeping vehicles in prime condition will save you money in the long run.

Having the ability to monitor fleets is a fantastic way to excel your customer service, efficiency and productivity. GPS tracking is a smart investment for the future of your company. Although it seems intimidating at first, the reasons to implement GPS trackers certainly outweigh initial doubts.









You’ve worked your way to the position of being a fleet manager and sometimes it is hard to keep making a positive impression on your business’ owner. The owner would surely love an opportunist to suggest fresh ideas about how the business can improve employee productivity, increase driver safety, save money on fuel costs and make business better all around. GPS trackers are a simple solution to solving all of those business obstacles and making you, the opportunist, look like a manager of great worth.

Before presenting the idea of using GPS trackers in your company vehicles, it may be a good idea to do some research about which GPS trackers would best suit your business needs. As the common saying goes”knowing is half the battle.” You should keep in mind what business challenges you have the most. For example, if keeping up with vehicle maintenance is difficult, look for GPS trackers with reminder alert capabilities. If keeping up with payroll is a chore, your human resources department could benefit from your company using GPS trackers to automate clock-in and clock-out times. The possibilities are practically endless, so decent research will be vital.

Business owners will want to know that you are choosing a GPS tracking provider that is willing to give customer support. A reputable fleet tracking provider will help you identify areas that your fleet can improve, reduce costs, and increase productivity. OPAL Solutions offers support before, during and after the sale. Having the support will be helpful for you to have an idea of how you could use the software and provide the data needed to present GPS trackers to your business owner.

Finally, look for GPS trackers that report live data back to the company as it’s happening back. Anything slower than a 10-second updates will only show the company a mere fraction of its mobile fleet picture. You will also want GPS trackers that are 3G compatible. The GPS tracking industry has been able to grow on over the years with older generation technology, but now wireless data service providers are updating their networks which in turn requires the newest GPS tracker devices. Keep in mind; a better network means stronger connectivity and more accurate data.








During certain times of the year, limousines are out on the road at all hours. Soon, prom and wedding season will be upon us and that is a time when limo drivers will be in demand. There are many things limousine service drivers are responsible for and sometimes they need a little digital assistance to make their work easier. Not unlike many other businesses with many vehicles, GPS trackers are helping limo drivers. Not only are limousine services using GPS trackers to make certain that their drivers arrive at their destinations safely, but they are also using them for many more reasons.

1.) Maintaining Records: GPS trackers are helpful for record keeping. If a customer claims that a driver was late, the GPS tracker has stored data recorded for reviewing. The GPS tracker reports can tell managers every aspect of a trip such as; the route used, time taken, distance driven, arrival and drop off times, driver shifts and mileage claims. Not only will drivers be able to prove what they were doing to the customer, but this information is helpful for the limousine service company.

2.) Better Customer Service: The many things GPS trackers can do will inevitably result in helping the limousine service to make customers happier. GPS trackers make drivers more likely to be reliable, since their every minute is being tracked. GPS trackers allow for an accurate estimated time of arrival which can be relayed to customers. Giving customers that kind of knowledge is something that they will be grateful for.

To be successful, it is essential for limousine services to have drivers when and where they are needed. When managers are monitoring the locations of their limos, have perfectly recorded documentation of their drivers’ work and provide great customer service, it is easy for the limousine service to thrive.










Old habits die hard, or so they say, so it’s understandable that many companies have not yet started using GPS trackers to improve how their businesses functions. While it is understandable why you might not have started using GPS trackers, that doesn’t mean that it’s the most brilliant plan to ignore all the ways that these devices could be saving your business money and time. You may know that large fleet businesses use GPS trackers, but they can also be used by many different types of businesses, too. Here are some examples of businesses (that you might not expect) which use GPS tracking devices to improve their daily activities.

1.) Art Museums: Museums hold some of the most valuable artifacts and pieces of art work. It makes sense that they would want to take extreme precaution in protecting their assets. GPS tracking software is hard at work here when large art museums have to transport their precious cargo. The GPS trackers offer the museum curators peace of mind as they can use the live map tracker to monitor their transport vehicles.

2.) Universities: GPS trackers have been aiding colleges that have grown large in population, beyond their initial capacity. It is because of this growth that many colleges have had to make use of buildings further away from the main campus. GPS tracking helps monitoring of shuttle vehicles that are responsible for carrying student back and forth across campus and to the other buildings.

3.) Bike Rentals: Some locations are popular for bike riding as the cost of renting a bike is much cheaper than paying for gas prices or other forms of public transportation. The companies that own the bikes want to make sure that they get the bikes to their rental locations, safely. Some companies have started using GPS trackers to monitor the location and of their transported bikes. This cuts down on the possibility of theft and keeps track of employee accountability.

GPS trackers are going everywhere these days! They have made businesses all over the world. So, if you’re a smaller business or you do something entirely different than manage large fleet vehicles then you may be able to benefit from GPS trackers as well.










Business owners that have used GPS trackers can testify to the incredible savings the devices have brought to them. We know that there may be some of you that are still deciding whether GPS trackers may be advantageous to your business. There are quite a few ways that GPS trackers can increase your bottom line and give you a return on the investment of your GPS tracking purchase. We will give you three valuable ways that GPS trackers save fleet businesses, like yours, money. They help with decreasing insurance rates, increasing the number of customers and cutting down on maintenance costs.

1.) Decreasing insurance rates: Not only do GPS trackers improve safety, they also decrease the chance of theft. GPS trackers offer business managers the ability to monitor their vehicles and other equipment at all times. Insurance companies love the fact that those with GPS trackers are less of a liability and will often offer discounts on insurance rates. Decreasing your insurance rates would let you put your money to good use some place else within the business.

2.) Increase the number of customers: Businesses that have GPS trackers are able to identify the exact location of their drivers; anywhere, any time. This is great for customer service, because it means that managers will have greater control over where their drivers head to. GPS trackers make this part easy, because without having to call around to every driver, managers will know who is available to take a job. Faster scheduling means faster arrival to a job site. With less wait time, there is a pool of extra time to dip into and serve more customers!

3.) Cutting down on maintenance costs: It’s not fun having to put up with extra vehicle maintenance, especially when it was avoidable. GPS trackers could be there to save you the heartache of paying for maintenance that should have been prevented. The system allows you to schedule in alerted reminders of when your vehicles are due for tire rotations or replacements, oil changes, filter changes and more. By keeping up with areas like this that have the potential to be challenging later, you will save your business a lot of money in the long haul.

These are three major ways that GPS trackers can help your business out. In fact, saving your bottom line has never been easier, thanks to GPS trackers. If you’re ready to save money, think about getting GPS trackers.

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With this quarter coming to a close and the new one fast approaching, budgeting is an immense concern. With business expenses and taxes, sometimes fleet businesses can feel the strain. If you’re a fleet business owner, it may be a good practice to start reevaluating your budget and seek new ways to reduce business costs with each new quarter. GPS trackers are a great way to get your new quarter started off in the right direction. Two of the best ways that GPS trackers can be of assistance to your business is by allowing you to lower fuel costs and to decrease risk related costs.

Although the cost of fuel has leveled out a bit in the previous months, the cost of fuel consumption is something that every fleet business has to endure. Anywhere you can cut costs that would be beneficial to your budgeting plan is worth it. GPS trackers assist you in reaching your fuel savings goal by helping you to monitor idling time and by optimizing your drivers’ routing options. With your GPS trackers, you will clearly see the amount of time a vehicle is in idle. This will allow you to know which drivers aren’t shutting the engine off when they make stops. In addition. The dispatcher can simply check the map for the best routes and give the driver turn-by-turn directions to the safest, shortest path. Improved routing also leads you to the starting line of decreasing risk-related costs.

The idea of decreasing risk-related costs is something else to consider when making your quarterly budget plans. It is very important to make safety a priority and GPS trackers can help you do so. Driver safety is serious and accidents should be brought to a minimum. GPS trackers can help you verify that your drivers are being safe, because GPS trackers can help you see where all of your drivers are at. Furthermore, you can also pull reports to evaluate driver habits like harsh breaking and driving speed. Higher safety standards means there will be less room for accidents and in turn, less of the business’ expenses will be spent on accident recovery, vehicle repairs and company downtime.

Are you ready to save money on fuel and decrease your risk related costs? GPS trackers might be your answer. Let your new quarter start off well with GPS trackers and that way you can end it well, too.

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GPS tracking technology has increased in popularity and as a result GPS trackers have even started being employed by used car dealers. In the world of used car sales, there are many financial pitfalls to keep in mind. Zooming around in the back of the dealership owner’s head are ideas about how to reduce business related costs. That is why some used car dealership owners have come to realize the benefit of using GPS trackers for cars they finance.

Dealers know that selling a used car to someone who has terrible credentials is always a risk and it is for this reason that so many dealerships are turning to GPS trackers technology to sell vehicles to buyers that appear to be a liability. If there happens to be a buyer that defaults on payment, GPS trackers are there to help the dealers out. The mapping and navigation features of GPS trackers are what interests the used dealership owners the most.

With the mapping features, dealers always know where their cars are at. The GPS tracking devices are only placed in the used cars that are being financed through their dealership. This makes it possible for them to recover the car from the buyer if they do not receive a monthly car payment. It’s easy to understand how this increases dealership security and enables them to sell cars to clients with less than perfect or no credit. To maintain legitimacy, the clients are required to sign an agreement upon purchase which gives the dealership approval to complete GPS tracker installation. The contract usually includes statements informing the client that they are not allowed to removed, deactivate or damage the GPS tracker device. It’s no surprise that many clients agree to this, because it means they can be financed.

As a bonus, the GPS trackers can even be scheduled to send alerts to the client in order to warn them that their payment is late, thus; giving them some time to remedy this prior to the car being repossessed. The dealership profits can remain steady and the business secure, with GPS trackers. That’s fantastic for them, because no one wants to lose out on profits due to high-risk customers.